About the Author: Over the years, Carolyn Thompson (pictured) has become a great friend and supporter of the Feisty Fighters. Not only was she a mother of 3, an amazing attorney, friend and community leader – she was also the author of the book “Cutting to the Core: Finding What Matters Most Through the Eyes of a Survivor in Life & Business” – it is worth the read! In this book you will come to understand how the “Thriver & Giver” were born. Carolyn was one of the FEISTIEST FIGHTERS we have known. She overcame the odds of survival up until her final day’s here with us in her “earth suit”. Carolyn passed in September of 2019 to join Jesus. Carolyn will forever live in our hearts and she will guide the Feisty Fighters in our life’s journey to helping others.

WE highly suggest you and your family members/care givers/friends read and live by Carolyn’s “Tidbits” for the “Thriver” and “Giver”.
Tidbits for the “Thriver” & “Giver”
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SURVIVEiT® is committed to empowering anyone affected by cancer with the knowledge they need to survive. We are survivors helping patients.
SURVIVEiT® doesn’t replace working with doctors, but rather augments their training with the practical experience of thousands of survivors who’ve successfully faced cancer.


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